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Unifractal is a revolutionary platform that transforms any place into an effective learning environment, allowing users to learn about the things around them using visual search through their smartphone camera

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What is Unifractal?

Unifractal is a tool for learning that lets you scan equipment and presents relevant videos and instructions created by your peers and people you trust.

Using the camera on modern smartphones and tablets, you can access important tutorials or simple how-to´s by trusted technical experts and teachers. Sign up for free, and create stories that matter for the objects that matter to you.

Unifractal is an innovative and effective solution to learning-on-the-fly and practical refreshers.

A nurse using Unifractal to learn more about medical equipment
Unifractal recognizes any item that is already added to its system, simply by using your phone camera.
Scanning items in the app reveals a wealth of information and useful videos about how to use it
Unifractal's dashboard allows administrators to process images for machine learning, add content to registered devices and new users to locations.


Case studies

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