Help employees make better decisions and prevent injuries

Avoid accidents and onboard your workers faster

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Fewer Accidents

Reduce unnecessary accidents by ensuring that all your employees have easy access to the safety information they need.

More Efficient Onboarding

With Unifractal, you can save up to 80% of onboarding time when new workers arrive at the construction site.

Better Transfer of "Tacit Knowledge"

Your most experienced workers have learned by doing for years. Let them share the tacit knowledge with their colleagues!

«The Unifractal platform will help employees on our projects make safer choices, which will result in fewer injuries.»

Bjarne Brendstuen

Director of Quality and HSE


A complete platform that supports your workflow


Our web dashboard is the perfect way to get an overview of your content, invite users, or view usage statistics.

Mobile app

Our app makes it super easy for you and all your employees to view and create relevant content. Whether it's from the office or out on the construction site.

Web app

The web app is perfect for those who just need information quickly and easily without downloading an app!

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