Unifractal in music studios

One of earliest and most successful case studies that Unifractal has is with its adoption in music technology studies at UiT - The Arctic University of Tromsø (UiT) and the University of Agder (UiA).

Students who were new users to the studio would often resort to calling staff members for help on how to set up the studio for recording, or when encountering unfamiliar technical issues. This resulted in a disruptive recording process for the students, numerous phone calls to staff members and wasted time spent on figuring out what were often small details. With this in mind, we´ve developed and refined features in the Unifractal platform based on their needs and have had huge success with new students and users at their facilities.

To date, dozens of items in their respective sound studios have been annotated through our back end system. This allowed technical staff to link short video how-tos or even longer video lectures that gave a basic breakdown of the technical tools and optimal set-ups.

«I went from regularly getting phone calls in the late evening from students needing help with small things, to almost none at all, when we started using Unifractal»

To date, Unifractal is currently actively in use with students from these facilities and continues to add new music studios and universities as early adopters.

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