Unifractal in hospitals

An interesting use case for Unifractal is with training hospital staff with a refresher of the medical equipment that they may be utilising. In these instances, both nursing staff and doctors may be temporarily relocated to another department and will have to quickly familiarise themselves with specialized equipment, or to remind them how to access basic functions to adjust the settings on these machines.

This was put into pilot testing at the intensive care unit (OPIN) at the University Hospital of Northern Norway (UNN). Technical supervisors Martin Helliksen and Anita created a series of videos that explained commonly asked questions in a simple video format. We also worked on defining a shortlist of commonly used medical instruments.

After these objects were recognised through the app, these users were able to use the app to familiarise themselves how they work by simply using the camera and pointing at these instruments in the training facility.

«My experience is that Unifractal have given me a bit more flexibility - because many of the employees here can just pick up a tablet and watch the videos by themselves - instead of calling me»

The results have been very positive, especially with on-boarding new medical stuff with videos that details frequently asked questions and basic troubleshooting for devices utilised in the facility. Unifractal is now being utilised in case studies for numerous departments at the hospital and at their training center.

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